So tonight I muse on the internship. Long before I actually considered doing any sort of internship (read: middle school), I’d heard from many that internships were the way to go, particularly if you wanted some valuable experience in the field.

Now, I am a veteran of internships. I have completed no fewer than 4 internships. Granted, these were simply summer internships, but I have worked in commercial galleries, artist run galleries, magazines, and even architecture firms. People look at my resume and say, impressed, Wow, there missy, you’ve got a whole range of things going on!

I can even pull things out of my ass and say, Yepp, that’s how it goes. I know how to publish a magazine! Or, I know how to organize the next few events for your gallery! Cause that’s how people who have internships act. We don’t have any knowledge of anything, since most internships consist of your boss handing you down to your superior while everyone scratches their head trying to figure out what kind of tasks to give you – not too important, and not too interesting seems to be the key. Then when we do get one little task, such as writing a brief statement about something or another, we spin it a whole tale of how we personally presented to the board of directors.

So in reality, working as an intern is quite dull. Forget about the perception of “Hot Female Intern” in a Bill Clinton-style office. Seriously, it’s nothing to be crowing about. If you work in an auditing firm, chances are you won’t be auditing. If you work in an art gallery, you won’t be.. um, art gallery-ing. Internships are just a quick way for a company to earn tax points with the government and for you to pad your resume.

Now I figure that any college aged kid who reads this is going to swear off internships forever. Don’t. Even if it is tedious and you are stuck photocopying your butt, you still need the padding for your resume. Because any type of padding is better than none. And who knows. You might actually learn something.


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