How to Get Noticed and Be Annoying

Did I ever tell anyone about the time I decided to get frustrated and sent like ten copies of the same thing to one company? No?

It’s a rather hilarious story. I wondered if people were getting anything, since I had hardly an acknowledgment to prove that they had, in fact, received my emails/snail mails/faxes. So what I did, for a certain Administrative Position at a certain dance company, was to send them repeatedly the same resume with a slightly varying cover letter. I sent ten copies via email, spaced out about a day each. This way, they certainly would not ignore me!

(By the way, I dared not send it to a job I actually was intent on getting. Hence, the administrative position)

After about a week, the dance company sent me a reply. “We were overwhelmed with the amount of applications.. etc etc..” A mass sent email to all applicants. Could I say that perhaps I succeeded in having them be interested in me? Maybe not. But at least I tried.

Oh, my ‘sent’ button tried.


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