Overall, a difficult week. I’m still suffering the effects of jetlag, hence the typing at 3 in the morning. I slept the whole day, woke up, ate, slept, and suffered. My body will soon figure out the time and until then, I sleep, eat, sleep eat. Perhaps both at the same time.

Last night was a rather harrowing experience. As mentioned in my last post, I had an interview scheduled, my first in approximately a month. I had all but given up on my job applications – I was home vacationing, the last application I sent out was 3 weeks ago, and the city was on strike so any city funded positions were not being filled. I hardly expected this email to pop up from Xpace, the OCAD student union run gallery:

The XPACE Cultural Centre programming committee has received your
application for the programming coordinator position and would like to
invite you to an interview this Friday at 1pm. We have tried to correspond
with you by telephone and left several messages. Could you email me back
asap if you are interested in the position. If we do not hear back from
you by tomorrow at noon we will proceed in interviewing other candidates.

Thank you for your interest in the position.

I immediately went into panic mode. What was this? Why were they trying to contact me? I couldn’t have an interview if I was 7000 miles away from Toronto! I had to collect my thoughts and pause for a bit. They tried to contact me several times, which probably meant they were serious about giving me an interview. And I was an appropriate candidate, given that I was an OCAD grad. I emailed back, requesting either a phone or a webcam interview. He emailed me back – I got both, via Skype! The interview was set for 1 pm Toronto time.

The only problem of course, was that this meant a 1am interview for me. I went online and reviewed some of the generic interview questions, plus recalled some of the ones I was asked in my previous interviews. Interviews, I thought, were old hat. I didn’t need to practice.

Later on, my sister helped me set up the computer and we adjusted lighting and background for the webcam, then tested sound.

The difficult part was waiting. Staying up until 1 am is no easy task if you are jetlagged. We watched episodes of Hustle, brewed pots of tea, played chess, and so on.

Finally, at 12:45 I opened Skype. More waiting. A little after 1 am, I received a contact request from the art gallery. I accepted.

“Hi, sorry, we need to wait a few more minutes for another panel member to get coffee”

Coffee, ok. Wait, what? Panel member? No one had mentioned a panel member. I began to hyperventilate. It was hard enough having to do a webcam interview 7000 miles away, I had to face a panel as well? I quickly scribbled a few notes to myself on my note pad –


Yes, I often write notes to myself when I’m stressed. I typed back, “Coffee would be nice right now”, in an attempt at humour.

No reply. I winced.

After about ten more minutes of waiting, they typed back, “Ok, everyone’s here. Call us when you’re ready”…

To be continued….


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