New Yorkers angry at Irene – Irenes beware

As you may have heard, Irene became a tropical storm this morning. Angry New Yorkers are milling the streets, shaking their fists at the wind and regretting spending $30 hoarding gallons of milk at Gristedes (which is open again!) There is damage, of course, and I fear for the life of anyone named Irene. Those rude New Yorkers!

Some photos below:

There was plenty of debris on the ground, and this was very clearly the waterline where the surf came up over the railing on the East River. As you can see, there is rioting and looting.

Underneath the FDR. Mostly dry except for the debris.

People are jogging again. Relief! It’s a good way to let go of your Irene related anger.

The skyline definitely looked better than it did 24 hours ago. (My panorama function was not working at first. I may be abusing it.)

Poor trees – at Peter Cooper Village and beside the FDR.

And there it is. Irene has passed, everyone is safe. Just please don’t go touching broken electrical wires, like these guys are doing:


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