Follow my newest venture – a news blog about what’s happening in China. Meanwhile In China isn’t focused on politics or business, like most mainstream news about China. Instead, we focus on human interest stories. We are looking to put faces on the stories of the rise of a super power.

Meanwhile in China

October 2, Mount Hua, Shanxi — The double holiday week has caused severe traffic jams throughout China, but on Tuesday, tourist destination Mount Hua in Shanxi province saw its first human traffic jam. Holiday seekers during China’s “Golden Week” were left on the mountain summit when public transit could not handle the large number of people.

Due to the surge in number of visitors, the frequency of cable cars and shuttle buses servicing Mount Hua were increased to cope with the demand. The large number of tourists could not be accommodated on cable cars descending the mountain, leading some of the tourists to demand a refund from Mount Hua Scenic Area Management. The management company initially refused. In response, the tourists blocked both the cable car and shuttle bus entrance to the mountain, leaving tens of thousands stranded on the peak for over twelve hours. Microbloggers posted pictures…

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